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Hide and seek

When fraud is discovered, it is often the case the money is long gone and well hidden. We have located alleged fraudsters and when serving them with an Order to freeze assets, they have actually smiled and made it clear that if necessary they will do their time in jail, but that they will never give up the money.

As one put it, ‘Two or three years for £6.million. Where else can I earn money like that?’

Such bravado may diminish once they see the inside of a Courtroom, but many do not ‘crack’ and begin to cooperate. Others, for a variety of reasons, simply never make it to the Court. Often a client will be more concerned with recovering stolen funds, than exacting justice, which is likely to be costly and time consuming.

When the paper trail fails to assist in recovery, it is sometimes necessary to employ other investigative measures.

Our brave £6.million fraudster was placed under surveillance for a month. He was monitored, round the clock for seven days a week. The information fed to us from the surveillance, provided leads for further investigations. These led us eventually to a large and valuable country property, a superb 30m yacht and a small stud farm.

Our clients never recovered the entire sum lost, but gained immense satisfaction in removing from him most of his ill gotten gains and went some considerable way in reducing their losses.

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